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Glock Letter Sight Installation and Instruction


We recommend taking the product to a licensed gunsmith or armor for installation. 


We are not responsible for any death or bodily harm caused by improper installation of the device. 

Tools needed: 

1. Glock front sight tool or 3/16" hex nut socket (not included).

2. Glock rear sight pusher (not included).

3. Loctite (optional).

4. Glock letter sights.

5. 1.3 mm hex key. 


1. Remove the magazine and lock the slide to the rear. Visually inspect the chamber and make sure there is no ammo in the chamber. Put a finger in the chamber to physically inspect and make sure the chamber is empty. 

2. Make sure the magazine is not inserted. Release the slide. Point the gun to a safe direction and pull the trigger to release the sear. 

3. Pull the slide slightly back and pull down the disassembly tab. Release the slide while holding the tab down. The slide should come off. 

4. Remove the recoil spring and the barrel. 

5. Use the Glock front sight tool to remove the hex nut under the original front sight. Keep the hex nut in a safe place and do not lose it. 

6. Use the Glock rear sight pusher to push the original sight out of the dovetail. 

7. Clean the front sight hole and make sure it is out of any debris. Then place your new front sight in the slot and make sure the print is facing rear. 

8. Turn the slide so that you can see the bottom of the front sight. Use the Glock front sight tool to screw the hex nut back in. Tighten the screw and make sure the front sight does not move or wiggle around. 

9. Slide the rear sight to the dovetail and visually align the sight to the center. Tight down the two hex screws with the included hex key. Pinch the rear sight and move it left and right to ensure it does not move. 


Sight Picture

Sight Picture

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